How to edit Wikipedia Article in MS-word (Remove Superscripts, Remove all hyperlinks in word)

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When we copy text from Wikipedia, some unwanted text also get copied from that like [Number], [SuperScript], [edit], [clarification needed], [citation needed]. If we remove these unwanted texts manually one by one, it will take a lot’s of time. So in this video, you will know a very simple method to edit the Wikipedia content in MS-Word just at once.

✔ The method is as follows:
  • To remove all [SuperScript] at once like numbers, use: [^?^?] 
  • To remove all Hyperlinks at once, use this shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+F9
  • To remove all [edit], [clarification needed], [citation needed] at once: Need to remove all hyperlinks first, then we can use find & replace option.

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