How to Print Long Sheet in Minimum Page | How to set print area in excel | rows to repeat at top

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If you want to print your Excel workbook, you have to set the document to print that page, especially if you have a large number of data in your sheet. Here you will find everything in this video, Which you need to prepare your workbook for printing in Minimum Page.

Watch this video till the end to know complete Page Layout menu, under the Page Setup grouping of commands…. Let’s quickly review options:
1. Page Formatting (Fonts, Column resize, Wrap Text & Alignment)
2. Print Preview
3. Page Margin
4. Page Orientation
5. Page Scaling (Adjust to & Fit to Page)
6. Print Area
7. Print Title (rows to repeat at top, column to repeat at left)
8. Header & Footer (To Insert page number, Date & Time, File Name)

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