[VLOOKUP explained] VLOOKUP formula in Excel with example | VLOOKUP example between two sheets

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If you are usually work in MS-Excel and don’t know about VLOOKUP formula then you should know about it, which is one of the most important functions of Excel to find data in a table or range. The most important thing is that VLOOKUP formula also works between two sheets or another workbook, which makes a lot of our work easier.

In this video, we explained VLOOKUP formula step by step in a very simple way (with example). So watch this video till the end.

  1. Firstly select a cell.
  2. And just type =VLOOKUP
  3. Lookup_value (Unique value) = Then select the value to lookup.
  4. Type a comma (,)
  5. Table_array = Select the range or table to look for the value.
  6. Type a comma (,)
  7. Col_index_num = The number of the column where the lookup value is located.
  8. To find an exact match =Type 0 or false
    to find an Approximate match= Type 1 or True
  9. Finally press Enter.
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